Ik kom in beweging voor kankeronderzoek!

Eric Wever


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Dear friends,

After more than 20 years of running, I think I have become quite an experienced runner. I always like to plan different routes in and around my hometown. My favorite route takes me from flat farm land with its beautiful farm houses and animals, to the dyke at the Marker lake, where I pass by acrobatic kite surfers, to the more crowded “inner city” of my small hometown. Unfortunately, last summer, for a long period of time, I couldn’t enjoy my greatest hobby. What I believed was a routine check-up ended up to be cancer and within 24 hours I had emergency surgery and extensive follow-up checks. My life, and that of my close loved ones, was turned upside down and I believed to be in a surreal rollercoaster. Luckily, all the cancer was removed and I’m still, for now, cancer free. I was lucky I was diagnosed at an early stage, but sadly I think we all know people who were not so fortunate. Early diagnosis is critical for the treatment of cancer. That’s why, for some types of cancer, there is a nationwide screening program, for instance for breast cancer. However, I believe an extension of this program is necessary. The recent opening of a new department of the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital where an early check for colon, skin and prostate cancer is possible is a great step forward. However, to make early diagnosis possible for all types of cancer, research, development of new detection methods, and facilities are necessary. This requires funding. To contribute a bit to this cause, I will run the “Dam to Dam” run in September this year to raise money for the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek foundation and if you would like to sponsor me, you can donate using the link below. Thank you for your contribution and time you spent reading my story. Take care and hope to see you soon, at work, in social life or maybe at the Dam-to-Dam running by my side?