Running for more Cancer research!

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On April 23rd, 8 years ago, my mother passed away from cancer.

In honor of her, I am running the half marathon of Madrid on April 23rd to raise as much money as possible for cancer research.

My mother was one of the first who was treated with immunotherapy, a promising treatment that still requires a lot of research - and therefore money. Money that is currently hard to get due to many cutbacks. While this treatment came too late for my mother, further research is crucial to save other people.

This is why I have chosen to help raise funds specifically for research into immunotherapy and raise awareness for the AvL, the renowned Dutch cancer institute where my mum was treated.

I hope that the extra money raised will help accelerate the research for immunotherapy, so that other daughters and sons hopefully don't have to experience such a sad day.

Will you help me by donating?

If you don't have a dutch bank account, you can Paypal me and I can transfer it: . I also have revolut if that's easier, let me know if you need it!

Thanks a lot in advance!!